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Your Perfect Poolside Playlist

I LOVE this new Summer Time Mixtape from Amerigo Gazaway!  I’m a HUGE fan of Amerigo! His Mos Def + Marvin Gaye Mashup Album is one of my most played records. If you’re a fan of GOOD Hip-Hop / Jazzy Vibes / Classic R&B…this one is for you.


A Prayer For Our Brothers And Sisters In Orlando

My heart is broken over the senseless violence perpetrated on our brothers and sisters in Orlando this weekend. News reports leave me numb. Words fail me. Tears find me. I am outraged and overwhelmed all at once. In times like these I remember that while hashtags don’t change much of anything…prayer does. God does…and can…and will […]


Transformational Parenting Resources

A while back, Jeanne and I taught on the power of Partnering in Parenting at Soul City Church. It was such a fun message for us to teach together. During the week leading up to our message, we asked everyone to send in any parenting questions they had. We answered a few in our message, […]


Gigi Knows The News

Ok…so I may have gotten a LITTLE involved in Gigi’s Visual Book Report on Serena Williams…but what can I say? The girl is a natural! And she knows her Serena! I’ve worked with Teleprompters for years. They can be tough to get used to…but this little 7 year old picked it up like she was born […]


How Warby Parker Made Me Loyal For Life

I love Warby Parker. They’re an amazing brand with an awesome mission. Over the last couple of years, I’ve ordered:      1 Pair of Glasses from themand2 Pair of Sunglasses from them.That Warby Parker is a great company is nothing new … but it is their Unbelievable Customer Service that made me loyal for life.​ Here’s what […]


Five Things You Need To Stop Saying To Others

I love people. I love getting to know new people and connecting with old friends. But people can say some pretty stupid things. Often it’s completely unintentional and we are unaware, but our words carry weight and without realizing it, we can hurt others with seemingly innocent comments. I personally know this all too well. So…Here […]


A Letter To Elijah On His Tenth Birthday

The following is a letter I wrote to our son Elijah for his 10th Birthday. We read it to him one hour before we left for the airport to take him on a surprise trip to Disneyland!   Elijah, You are loved. Your mom and I delight in all of who you are. We love […]

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