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When It Seems Like God is Doing Nothing

What To Do When It Seems Like God Is Doing Nothing

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Have you ever found yourself in a season of God's Silence, where you've prayed and prayed...only to hear static on the other line? Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a Waiting Room...and God forgot you were there? If so, you are not the first, and you are not alone. The good news is that there are actually things that YOU can do...even when it feels like God is doing nothing. 

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Moralism And Me

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This Richard Rohr quote recently got me thinking recently:
“Moralism is the common substitute and counterfeit for mysticism in almost all religions…it is our reliance on largely arbitrary purity codes, magic rituals, and requirements for supposed enlightenment, “salvation” or any form of superiority. Read More

Meditate Madness

How To Meditate In The Midst Of Your Morning Madness

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For the longest time, Meditation felt like one of those "mystical" things that was only for New Age people and Ninjas. The idea of sitting...in silence...doing nothing did very little for me until I discovered how misguided my perception of mediation really was.

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Why I Stopped Memorizing Bible Verses

Why I Stopped Memorizing Bible Verses

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When I was a kid, I was a boss at memorizing Bible Verses. And as such, I was richly rewarded with a collection of Gold Star Stickers that shined brighter than the Milky Way. There were Bible Memory Verse Competitions, Pop Quizzes, and Fake Church Money to be earned and spent at our Church’s version of the Chuck E Cheese Prize Shop (where “God Is Awesome” snap bracelets abounded). But as I’ve grown, I’ve found that all of their best intentions…were in fact the least effective. Read More

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