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The Myth of Being Natrual

The Myth of Being Natural

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Have you ever been late for a meeting only to get there and find there is no parking? You circle around the block three times and to your relief, on the third pass, a spot opens up just wide enough to barely fit your car…only catch…it’s parallel. You weren’t prepared for no parking – let alone parallel parking! But, to make the meeting, you had to do it. Read More

2014 Super Epic Eclectic Playlist

2014 – My Year In Music

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I love Music. But what I love more is SHARING Music! Every quarter I put together an Epic Eclectic Playlist. It’s 15 hours of Forgotten Favorites and Instant Classics. Each playlist is clean, upbeat and loving curated by yours truly.
At the end of every year I put those playlists into a Super Mega Mix – 60+ hours of Epic Eclectic music for you to enjoy.
This is that playlist!

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