I love Warby Parker. They're an amazing brand with an awesome mission.
Over the last couple of years, I've ordered:      
1 Pair of Glasses from them
2 Pair of Sunglasses from them.

That Warby Parker is a great company is nothing new ... but it is their Unbelievable Customer Service that made me loyal for life.​

Here's what happened:

THE OTHER NIGHT - I forgot to lock the gate to our 14 week old puppy, Moses's, crate.​

(The Guilty Puppy)

THE NEXT MORNING - I woke up to Moses playing with a new chew toy ...
My Warby Parker Glasses.​

(The Victim)

So ... of course ... I posted about it on Instagram.

(The Post)

IMMEDIATELY - Warby Parker reached out.

(The Reply)

So ... I emailed them.

Hey all.
Early this morning I woke up to Moses, our 14 week old Puppy, going to town on my Winston (Lunar Fade) glasses.
I am a Die Hard Warby Parker fan having ordered several pair of glasses / sunglasses over the last couple years.
Wondering - Do you guys have ANY kind of Damage / Replace Policy?
I know I’m going to get another pair from you, but wondering if you guys had anything like that to help get these glasses back on my face ASAP!

Thanks so much.
- Jarrett

AND WITHIN AN HOUR - I got this from Joanna at Warby Parker ...

Hi Jarrett,
Thanks so much for reaching out! Your dog has some great taste in glasses and you have great taste in dogs! He is so cute! They tend to do that with our retired frames like they know you can't ever get them back (which yours are).

Don't fret! We still have some available for orders on our end so I have gone ahead and created an order for you and had it shipped to your home.

If you need them shipped to another address, just let me know as soon as possible and we can update that for you. Sweet Moses is just too cute to have you hold a grudge against him for ruining your glasses, so we will take care of it and get those new ones to you in 3-5 business days and they will ship out UPS Next Day whenever they are ready.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you in the meantime and give him a hug from Warby Parker. We forgive him and know it's not his fault that our glasses looked so delicious.

We hope you have a great week!



Who does that?!?!
Only a company that GETS  it and knows how to turn customers into raving fans.
When I emailed them, I honestly expected nothing more than the standard "Sorry ... we don't do that" email. And truth be told ... I still would have bought new glasses from them anyway.

But instead, a real human reached out to a real human...and did a real HUMAN thing.
When a $1.2 Billion Dollar Global Company takes the time to actually read through the 1000's of emails that come through in a day ... and personally reach out ... and blow a customer's mind ... they win loyalty for life.

Thank you, Joanna. You're the best!
And thanks Warby Parker for treating your customers like people and being even cooler than your brand already is.
And don't worry ... I'll keep my new glasses out of Moses's reach moving forward.
Now ... who do I need to get in touch with at Nike about those running shoes he seems to have a taste for.

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might I recommend a pair of Warby Parkers ...

Have you ever received Customer Service like this?

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