A while back, Jeanne and I taught on the power of Partnering in Parenting at Soul City Church.
It was such a fun message for us to teach together. During the week leading up to our message, we asked everyone to send in any parenting questions they had. We answered a few in our message, but I'd love to dive a little deeper with some of the questions we couldn't get to. Here's one of them.

- Rita asked: -

"What are some of the best books you've read on Parenting?"

Great question, Rita! There are a TON of books on Parenting. It can honestly be a bit overwhelming. But there are a few that have been TRANSFORMATIONAL for Jeanne and I. As our kids grow, the list of Parenting Books grows. But here are a few Transformational Parenting Books that stand out.

This was one of the first books we read on Parenting. Dan Allender has had a profound impact on our lives and this book is no exception. It turns the act and art of parenting upside down by looking at what our kids have to teach US about God, ourselves, and what it means to spiritually develop someone over time. Your kids have the power to help YOU grow up as much as you have the power to grow them up.
This is a MUST READ in our opinion.

We're BIG fans of Cloud & Townsend. Their work on how to establish, grow, and hold healthy & God honoring boundaries was a breakthrough for us personally and as parents. If you ever feel like your kid is calling the shots or trying to grab the wheel of power in parenting, this book is for you. It has helped us create clear, healthy, and helpful limits and commitments for our kids. These boundaries serve as guideposts for our kids and help them find their place in our family and in this world.
We simply cannot recommend this book enough!

While this is not a "christian" book or even a book about parenting, it has been one of the most transformational books that we have read in the last year. It has had a MASSIVE affect on how we partner as parents and how we raise our kids. Learning how to tell if we are living / parenting "Above The Line" or "Below The Line" has been a paradigm shift for us. Tools like the "Drama Triangle" have helped us and our kids have language around how we are coming into a conflict. I could go on and on.
This Business Book has been one of the most important books we've ever read on how to be wholehearted and connected parents who can help our kids become all of who God created them to be.

I know ... I know ... this is not a book on parenting. But it is one of the most read book in our entire house. Our kids LOVE this Bible. It is beautiful, simple, deep, and engaging. It has helped our kids get the story of the Bible and God's great love for us in such a transformational way. Honestly, it's one of MY favorite Bibles to read. 
One of the best things you can do as a parent is to help your kids learn to love the Bible, to find God through it, and to find themselves in it. This book helps you and them do just that.
If you want to help grow your kids love for God, get this Bible and read it with them at night. You'll be glad you did.

Again ... NOT A PARENTING BOOK ... but SOOOO good.
If you're familair with Sarah Young's amazing Best Selling Book, Jesus Calling, then you already know how powerful, poetic, and personal her writing style is. This book is no exception. It's the best of Jesus Calling in a bite-size, kid-friendly format. 
We love to read this to our kids at breakfast. It gives us something to talk about as we start our day with God.
If you have kids 5 or older, this is a must have and a great way for you to help your kids grow in God.
Or ... just get it for YOU. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Those are just a few of the resources that have helped us partner as parents. We thank God for these resources and the many more that God has used to grow us up as parents. And we're thankful for the people in our lives who introduced them to us.

So what about you? Are there any great Transformational Parenting Resources that have helped you?
Please share them with us in the comments below!