My heart is broken over the senseless violence perpetrated on our brothers and sisters in Orlando this weekend. News reports leave me numb. Words fail me. Tears find me. I am outraged and overwhelmed all at once. 
In times like these I remember that while hashtags don't change much of anything...prayer does.
God does...and can...and will when we come to Him and call on Him and wait for Him.
So I offer this prayer for my brothers and sisters in Orlando.
I offer this prayer for the family and friends of those who were murdered in Orlando.
I offer this prayer for my friends in the greater LGBTQ community who have suffered such a great loss.
I offer this prayer for all of us who don't know what to say but who refuse to stand silently by.

plunge me deep into a sense of sadness
at the pain and loss of my sisters and brothers
       inflicted by violence,
that I may learn again to cry as a child
until my tears baptize me
into a person who touches with care
those I now touch in prayer:
      victims of violence
            of hatred,
                   of intolerance;
people with broken bodies,
            with broken hearts,
                   with broken families,
                          with broken lives,
whom I remember now in silence before you
because I too often forget them
in the shuffle of my self-imposed busy-ness
              and addiction to distraction.
Connect me now to them Lord through prayer and through care.
Where my physical arms cannot wrap myself around them,
             wrap them in your ever present and ever consoling love.
And awaken in me a greater sense of love and compassion for those around me,
         for those still living,
                for those overlooked,
                        for those unloved.
May your church be a healing hope in the face of hate.
May we not remain safe and silent,
         but be overflowing with irrational love.
God of justice
God of mercy
God of healing
God of hope
God of comfort
God of peace
God of forgiveness
God of love




(adapted from Ted Loder’s “I Remember Now In Silence”)