- Benjamin Franklin

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my writing with the world.
It is a process that I love...and hate.
But one, nevertheless, that I am called by God to do.
My hope and prayer is that these words encourage and
equip you to discover and deepen your relationship with God.


Four Small Words

Of. Between. With. In.
Using a simple, fresh, and memorable approach to the good news of God’s story, "Four Small Words" not only offers a better framework for the Bible, but for our everyday lives. Seeing God’s big story through these small words allows it to sink deeper into our own lives and to be shared with others in a way that is more memorable and less intimidating.

The Deity Formerly Known As God

"I don't want my image of God...I want God." - C.S. Lewis
The Deity Formerly Known As God is all about you knowing and experiencing God, not some distorted and destructive image of God formed over the years. If you're struggling with or stuck with a broken image or relationship with God...this book is for you!

Creative Matters

"You were created to create...what you do with the gifts God has given you is up to you."
Creative Matters is collection of practical wisdom from some of the most creative people I know.Equal parts Instructional and Inspirational, Creative Matters is for anyone with the courage to create.With contributions by Barton Damer, Amena Brown, Promise Tangeman, Todd Henry, Blaine Hogan, and many more.

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