Humility and Ambition - these two tend to hang out on opposite ends of the playground. They have different friends, desires, and interests – yet both are essential to the health of a leader. And the world desperately needs more leaders that are willing to be Humbitious!  

Humbition is the art of living and leading with equal parts Drive and Dependence. The ability as a leader to be Fully Surrendered...but to Never Surrender! To be Hungry and Healthy.

I believe that Jesus was a Humbitious kind of leader. Living and leading with Holy Ambition for his Mission while modeling Healthy Humility. He was Humbitous in every way because at every given moment Jesus knew where his power came from.

“Knowing where our power comes from is what keeps us Humbitious.”

TRUE HUMILITY reminds you of your limits, your brokenness, and your constant need for Grace. It reminds you that you're really not all that amazing outside of Jesus.

TRUE AMBITION reminds you of your God Given Calling to live with vision, passion, and discipline towards the mission of Jesus in your lifetime.

When we learn to live with True Humility & True Ambition we begin live HUMBITIOUS LIVES.

  • But when we allow Humility & Ambition to take on their ugly false selves that’s when we forget where our power comes from and we tend to...get into trouble.
  • When we believe that it is OUR Power...we get into trouble.
  • When we believe that we are the reason for success and failure...we will get into trouble.
  • When we shame ourselves and dwell in the land of self-hatred...we get into trouble.
  • When we don’t allow ourselves to live in forgiveness...we get into trouble.
  • When we are trying to prove something...we get into trouble.
  • When we are trying to be something we are not...we get into trouble.
  • When we try to make people happy instead of lovingly lead people...we get into trouble.
  • When we see ourselves as more powerful or important than another person our relationship with them...gets into trouble.
  • When we believe that everything hinges on us...we get into trouble.

So we must learn to hold our power with true humility and true ambition – This is part of how you lead from your True Self.

Thomas Merton says “There is only one problem on which all my existence, my peace, and my happiness depend: to discover myself in discovering God. If I find Him I will find myself and if I find my true self I will find Him.

So...may you find your true self in your pursuit of true humility and true ambition today!
And in so doing I pray that you find Jesus as both Savior and Leader, the one who was completely HUMBITIOUS in every sense of the word. the pursuit of Humbition today...
- Do you think this kind of Leadership is even possible?
- Have you ever seen someone lead like this?
- Where can you grow more in being Fully Surrendered or in Never Surrendering?

​This post comes from one of the most HUMBITIOUS leaders I know - Jeanne Stevens.
Jeanne is one of the Lead Pastors of Soul City Church and a sought after Speaker, Writer, and Leader.
 On top of all of that, she is an utterly amazing Mother...and also happens to be married to me!

  • Great word Jeanne – humbly submitting to the God that has taken hold of our hearts while embracing life with the ambition to take hold of all that God has destined for us!

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