We don’t tend to have a very positive image of Heretics. Heretics tend to have terrible PR. However, Healthy Heretics are absolutely critical to Churches, Organizations, and Teams being all that they could be. Heretics challenge, push, turn upside down, and ask that ever annoying question of “WHY?”

Heretics help us see what our success or assumptions have blinded us from seeing.
They see through what we’re doing or not doing to what we could do, and sometimes…what we must do.

Healthy Heretics…
[] Can Challenge without Personally Attacking
[] Can back up Challenges with stories, examples, facts, and ultimately Vision
[] Work to make things “better” for all vs. simply tearing down what they don’t like
[] Are at their best on a Healthy Team
[] Actually Do Something on the team (other than wax heretic)
[] Are ultimately committed to the Kingdom of God more than Their own agenda
[] Are ultimately committed to the Kingdom of God more than Your Church, Team, or Tradition

How many of the boxes above can YOU honestly check?

The evolution of theology, practices, and perspectives has happened throughout history with the help of Heretics (some healthy, some not) Challenging, and Pushing us all into many times what God is already up to and where God is already at.

We Need Healthy Heretics.

Do you know any?
Do you lead any?
Are you one?

How have you recently innovated, invited, and involved others into new and unforeseen possibilities? How are you challenging without undermining? What does this look like for you?

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