I LOVE this fun and simple idea that Jeanne came up with to pray with our kids each morning…

Each morning at breakfast we have our kids pray for one of their classmates or teachers by name from the class photo that we keep up on the Fridge.

This Simple and Fun way of praying does a couple of transformational things at once:

1) Our Kids Learn To Pray In Their Own Words

When they pray for their friends they pray specifically.
They pray in their own words.
Their prayer becomes more personal.

2) Our Kids Become More Spiritually Intentional

By praying for their friends by name it changes how they think of them and interact with them throughout that day.
They go throughout their day (or at least start their day) with that friend on their mind.

3) We Get A Window Into Their World

Hearing them pray for their friends helps us get to know their friends and the relationships they are building.
It helps US pray for our kids…while THEY pray for their friends.


Again, this is a fun and simple way that we can teach our kids to pray. It doesn’t have to be with a Class Photo. It can be done with a Sports Team Photo, a little list of their Best Friends, or an extended Family Photo.

The big thing for us is that our kids are learning to pray in fun, intentional, and specific ways!
And it spurs US on to be more specific and intentional with HOW and WHO we pray for!
That’s what we call in the Prayer World…a WIN WIN!


How are YOU learning / teaching your kids to pray?
I’d love to hear!

  • Buy colored Popsicle sticks and write the name of family, friends, countries, political leaders, causes etc.
    Put them in a mason jar and keep it on the dinner table. Before meal time, have each child pick two sticks and pray for what is on the stick. It helps to let them come up with what to write on the sticks. This is best for ages 3 to like 6 or 7.
    You can take it further by printing off pictures and gluing them to the end of the sticks and they can choose that way.

    • Michael,
      That’s an AWESOME idea. What a fun way to help your kids learn to pray!
      Heck…I might start using that MYSELF!
      Love it!

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