Four Small Words

Finally, a book about the Bible for the rest of us!

Four Small Words is a fresh framework for engaging the Bible.
By understanding the four main movements of the Bible,
you can have a clearer context for everything you find within it.

If you:

  • ​...have ever felt intimidated or overwhelmed by the Bible
  • ...have lost your love for the Bible
  • ...haven't had much experience with the Bible before
  • ...want to better understand how your story fits within God's story
  • ...want to see your everyday life transformed by the love of God

Then Four Small Words is for you!

“My hope is that "Four Small Words, will help you engage the Bible through a whole new lens — a lens that helps you not only to see the bigger story of the Bible but to actually discover yourself within the story,”  

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Hear what others are saying...

Shauna Niequist New York Times Best Selling Author of "Present Over Perfect"

Years ago, Jarrett and I worked together, which meant I was lucky enough to hear him teach hundreds of times. His teaching made complicated things simple, and his love for God’s word was contagious.
I’m so happy to report that this book captures the very best of his teaching - that same ability to distill easily tangled concepts into clear and meaningful insights, and that spirit of warmth and invitation.

Jon Acuff New York Times Best Selling Author of "Do Over" & "Start"

I've been waiting for this book for a long time.
Jarrett Stevens does more with four words than most people are able to accomplish with an entire book.
My four words are simple,
"Buy this book today!"

John Ortberg Pastor of Menlo Park Church & Best Selling Author of "The Me I Want To Be" & "Soul Keeping"

Jarrett is both a longtime friend and terrific communicator.
Blessed is the reader who can sit at his feet.

About The Book...

In a world addicted to headlines and sound bites, where technology has taught us how to say more with less, "Four Small Words" helps readers understand the deep meaning of their own story, written within the Story of God.
And all in just Four Small Words.

When it comes to a story as theologically thick and rich with history, metaphor, and meaning, as the Bible, the thought of trying to understand or communicate that story can be overwhelming. However, Stevens believes the essence of the Story of God can be understood, applied, and shared in just four small words.

Of.  Between.  With.  In. 

Using a simple, fresh, and memorable approach to the Good News of God's Story, "Four Small Words" not only gives us a better framework for the Bible, but for our everyday lives. Seeing God's BIG STORY through these small words allows it to sink deeper into our lives and to be shared with others in a way that is more memorable and less intimidating.

About Jarrett...

Jarrett Stevens is a pastor, writer, and speaker. He and his wife Jeanne live in downtown Chicago
where they have planted a growing church, Soul City, and do life with their two children, Elijah and Gigi,
and their endlessly energetic yellow labradoodle puppy - Moses.

Jarrett is the author of several books including The Deity Formerly Known As God and Creative Matters.
He was previously on staff as a teaching pastor at Willow Creek Church in Chicago,
as well as pastoring at North Point Church in Atlanta.
Known for his humor and honesty, Jarrett is a popular speaker
at churches and conferences both nationally and internationally.