5 years ago today Jeanne and I hosted a party in Atlanta that launched a church in Chicago.

5 years ago today Soul City Church was born out of the faith and prayer and sacrifice of an amazing group of people in our living room in Atlanta…most of whom have never even seen our Church.

5 years ago today Soul City Church was an idea.

5 years ago today we had no idea that amazing people like Amy Lawlor, Kurt and Katie Duggleby, Chris and Lizzie Wheat, Dave and Jamie Van Dixhorn, Bethany Searles, and more would quit their jobs and move their lives to serve and build and lead and be available to what God was doing at Soul City Church.

5 years ago today we had no idea the number of people from Chicago who would put this church on their back and pray and serve and give this vision into reality.

5 years ago today we launched SoulCityChurch.com.

5 years ago today we had no idea that our Church would be more than a website and that we would own a building in the middle of one of Chicago’s fastest growing neighborhoods – the West Loop.

5 years ago today we could not have imagined the number of people that would enter into a transforming relationship with Jesus because of this movement.

5 years ago today we could not have foreseen how God would radically transform our relationship with Him and grow us through this great faith adventure.

5 years ago today we had no idea how starting a church would shape our children’s faith and how much they would know and love and follow God in such a real way.

5 years ago today we had no idea what words like Faith, Dependence, Sacrifice, and Courage really meant.

5 years ago today we had no idea how our partnership with Brown and Dett Elementary, 2 under resourced schools in our neighborhood, would shape our church’s very identity.

5 years ago today we had no idea how much better…and harder it is to be the Church better 7 days a week rather than just 1.

5 years ago today we had no idea how many people would discover their Spiritual Gifts, their Calling, their Spouses, the joy of Giving, the honor of Serving, and the depths of God’s love for them because of the work of this church.

5 years ago today we had no idea of the heartache and heartbreak that comes with staring and leading a Church.

5 years ago today we gave away our very first world famous Soul City Church Coffee Mugs.

5 years ago today we had no idea how long we could live without paychecks…and how faithful and good God is.

5 years ago today we had no idea of the depth of diversity and the power of equality that would quietly define our church.

5 years ago today we didn’t even know the people that would become some of our deepest and dearest friends.

5 years ago today our lives changed in deep and profound ways, the depths of which we may not ever know until we have the perspective of Heaven.

Thank you God for these last 5 years. Thank you for your Faithfulness. Thank you that your Greatness is Good and and your Goodness is Great. Thank you for how you have Protected and Provided for our family. Thank you God for this city that you love and the people that you have entrusted to us. Thank you for Soul City Church. It is yours. You are it’s Lead Pastor. This is YOUR story. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it all. We can’t wait to see what you do in the next 5 years!


photo cred: Carlos Enrique Whittaker Guzman Archibold Cabbio

  • Rusty says:

    You have no idea how this just blessed me as we seek to plant a church in Chicago suburb of Elgin. I was one of those people who got your cool mug 5 years ago from a friend who attended your launch meeting. I’ve lost the mug or broke it one way or another. Church planting can be one of the most difficult works someone can choose to do, but definitely the most rewarding. In the short 7 months we’ve started we’ve already seen new birth, lives changed and miraculous provision we thought would never happen. Can’t wait to see what God will do 5 years from now.

    • Rusty,
      We are SO excited for you guys.
      We love Elgin and have several dear friends who live in the area.
      Blessings to y’all as you give yourself to God.
      Nothing is more rewarding and defeating and exhilarating and exhausting as starting a Church from scratch!

  • Katie Peters says:

    It was such an honor to be a part of. Can’t wait to see it with my own eyes someday!

    • We can’t wait to have all of your crazy family up here. You really need to come and see what God did with yours and Josh’s prayers 5 years ago.
      Love and miss you guys.
      It was great to see Josh a couple months back for the Andy Stanley video shoot.

  • Angela says:

    As much as I miss Patrick and Jenny and their family being here in TN… I am so Thankful for Soul City and what it has been for them as a couple, family and their journey…. God has blessed them soooo much being part of Soul City!!!

    • Angela,
      You simply have NO IDEA how much Patrick and Jenny are loved here and are shaping what God is doing here.
      Thank you for sharing them with us.
      We ALL get to share in what God is doing here and in TN!
      So cool.

  • Lizzie says:

    Five years ago we were in Charleston and had no idea about that meeting in your house or how much it would impact our lives. So grateful for you and this church family and the fact that God always has bigger, better plans than I do. Grateful to be on this crazy adventure.

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