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  • Do you want to make an intentional and eternal investment into your kids lives?
  • Do you have 30 minutes a week?
  • Do you like donuts?

If so, Donuts and Discipleship is for you!

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For the last few years I've been reading through the Bible with my son, Elijah.

Every Friday morning we meet before school for donuts andiscipleship.

These times have become formative and transformative for us both.

And I want to help YOU  have the same experience with YOUR  kids!

Why Discipleship?

Discipleship is the intentional work of partnering with God for spiritual formation.

We see it modeled in Jesus' relationship with the disciples and Paul's relationship with Timothy.

Colossians 1:6-10 paints a beautiful picture of Discipleship.

Read Colossians 1:6-10

While God lovingly provides people to partner with you in the spiritual formation of your kids, 

the primary responsibility for discipleship is yours!

This is actually an INCREDIBLE opportunity given to you by God. And while this may seem a little daunting or even overwhelming...discipleship is far easier than you think!

How Does It Work?

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    Pick a Day / Time / Location for you and your kid to have Donuts each week.
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    Get a Bible.​​​​
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    Check your inbox for that week's Donuts and Discipleship Discussion Guide.
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    Spend 30 minutes intentionally investing into your child's Spiritual Formation.
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    Take / Post a picture at the donut shop with the hashtag #DonutsAndDiscipleship.

What does it look like?

View a sample of a Discussion Guide HERE.

Why Donuts?


Start Receiving

Your Weekly

Donuts And Discipleship

Discussion Guides

Frequently Asked Questions...

What Passages / Verses will we be exploring?

You'll start with the book of Mark. Each week's discussion will be a paragraph or chapter section. 

It will take you about 1 year to get through the book of Mark.

How old does my child need to be to get started?

That really depends on you and your child. You know them best.

That being said, you can start as young as 5. 

Why a Donut Shop? Why not at Home?

Having a location separate from your home sets an intention for the time. It makes it special. 

And as distracting as a Donut Shop can be, it is far more likely that you will do it and get through it if you are away from the demands and distractions of your morning routine at home.

When do I start?

Next week! There's no reason to wait for the "perfect time" to start. 

I've designed these Discussion Guides to be quick and easy for you so that you don't waste any time getting started. Pick a time that you can consistently meet each week...and get started!

What if I miss a week...or two?

Life happens. If you miss a week, just pick up with the passage / discussion guide in that week's email.

Trying to go back and "catch up" can become complicated and confusing.

If you miss more than 3 weeks in a row, I would encourage you to renegotiate with yourself and with your child and re-up your commitment to this investment. The payoffs far outweigh the pain.

Can I do this with more than one child at a time?

SURE! That can make for a much richer discipleship discussion. Just keep in mind sibling dynamics and what will foster the best environment for this investment.

Why take a Picture / use the Hashtag?

The Picture and Hashtag (#DonutsAndDiscipleship) serve as public witness and personal accountability. 

It's a way of joining in with hundreds of other parents making the same investment while simultaneously holding you accountable to being present to this time. 

How many donuts should I eat?

Great question! This really depends on the results of the equation - Time x Body Mass ÷ Donut Size. 

The real question is - how many donuts CAN you eat in 30 minutes?

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