You are Creative. In fact, you are Created to Create. And your creativity a gift!

It’s a gift from our Creator God, who, when we first meet Him, is at the work of creating.
He creates the universe, this planet, sunsets, rhythmic ocean tides, densely intricate ecosystems of rain forests…and us.
You don’t remember your first interaction with God, but it was a creative act. He created you. Sure, your mom and dad had something to do with it, but it was Him at work doing what He does best—creating.

You were created by a Creator God to be Creative.

Every time you create, you are incarnating a reflection of your Creator God. This is not a point to be taken lightly.
Creating matters to God.
Creativity matters to God.
YOU creating, and all your creative work, whatever it may be…matters to God.

Be it big or small, good or bad, for thousands of people or for your own internal sense of creative obligation, the art and work of creating matters.

So today…
Reject Copy and Paste.
Reject Settling.
Reject Excuses.
Reject creative atrophy.
You were created for more!
You were created to create!

You matter!
Your work matters!
It all matters to God…will it matter to you today?