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Leadership Lessons From The Corner Of The Dugout

Leadership offers a lifetime of learning … if you’re open to it. A great leader learns from just about anything and everything … especially from other leaders. In light of the historic run that the Chicago Cubs have been on lately (making it to the World Series for the first time in 71 years!) it would […]


A Leadership Conversation With Carey Nieuwhof

I had such a blast with Carey Nieuwhof talking about: Soul City Church, The Challenges of leading A Growing Church, How to Disappoint people (which I’m AWESOME at), And how to engage the Bible in a fresh way. Hope you enjoy it.   I am a HUGE fan of Carey. And I LOVE his Leadership […]


Learning How To Manage Tension

This is a FANTASTIC Leadership Conversation with my former boss, Andy Stanley. If you’re a Leader, ┬áParent, or Entrepreneur who has found yourself in the tension of leading through “problems”┬áthat cannot (and should not) be solved…this is for you!